On behalf of the Mirror Lake Association and Mirror Lake Management District
Welcome to Mirror Lake!
The Mirror Lake Association is a non-profit organization created in 1986 to protect and help maintain Mirror Lake as a natural area that people can come to and escape the commercial surroundings of our world today. The Mirror Lake Management District is a local government created in 2006 with taxing authority that raises funds and administers grants that protect, rehabilitate and enhance Mirror Lake.  These two organizations work together with many other partners on the lake to make it a peaceful and relaxing recreational destination.
We wish you a great day at Mirror Lake!

Mirror Lake Association Board Members

Please contact any of the board members below with your questions.
  • Mark Blakeslee, President
  • Marc Jaeger, Vice President
  • Catherine Sperl, Treasurer
  • Dave Clemens, Secretary
  • Jerry Collins
  • Greg Gustafson
  • Scott MacWilliams

Mirror Lake Management District Commissioners

Please contact any of the commissioners below with your questions.
  • R. Waldo Peterson, Chairman
  • Catherine Sperl, Treasurer
  • Jerry Collins, Secretary
  • Connie Lehman, Sauk County Board of Supervisors Land Conservation Committee
  • Larry Volz, Town of Delton


Many lakes have a Lake Association and Management District since they each have a unique function in serving the area residents and landowners.


Mirror Lake Association, Inc. located in Sauk County, Wisconsin was organized November 16, 1986 for purposes of promoting and improving: the physical appearance; well being; and protecting the future of Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake Association (MLA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that collects membership dues and charitable donations for the benefit of the members and Mirror Lake. It can save money from year to year for future projects.  Some of the projects MLA is involved in include:
  • Coordinating Volunteer efforts on Mirror Lake
    • Project C.L.E.A.N. annual cleanup of the lake, roads and ravines
    • Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Water monitoring tests
  • Inform and educate membership on topics of interest affecting the lake
    • Newsletters reporting on current and historical activity on the lake
    • Dredging project, sediment trap, navigational channels and spoil site
    • Dam inspection report
  • Annual kayak canoe trip
  • Annual membership picnic
  • Annual Flotilla
  • Annual meeting including reports by Partners
  • Provide financial assistance for projects of interest
    • Gypsy moth spraying by DNR at Mirror Lake
    • No Wake Signs for Landowners
    • Annual Fisheree Trophy
    • Project C.L.E.A.N. Picnic
  • Work with local and state government officials on issues that affect the lake
    • Long range planning for Mirror Lake
    • Mirror Lake State Park Master Plan
    • Dell Creek Watershed Project
    • Conservation Easements


Mirror Lake Management District (MLMD) was formed on March 21, 2006 by petition of property owners to the Sauk County Board of Supervisors with the approval of the Town of Delton, Village of Lake Delton, and Town of Dellona for the purpose of maintaining, protecting, improving and rehabilitating Mirror Lake. MLMD is a local government under Chapter 33 of the Wisconsin Statutes. It has the authority to tax property owners within its boundaries, limited annually to $2.50 per $1,000 of assessed value, excluding special assessments and special charges.  MLMD can receive charitable donations as well as apply for grants from the DNR and other organizations that often require a 25% match in dollars or volunteered services.  As a government entity it’s liability is limited, making it possible to insure high risk equipment used on the lake such as weed harvesters, pontoons and boats.  It is not allowed to save money for future projects.  However, it can set aside funds to repair or replace capital equipment such as weed harvesters. Some of the projects MLMD is involved in include:
  • Own, insure and hire employees to operate equipment on the lake
    • Weed Harvester – DNR permit to manage aquatic plants in designated areas starting at west end navigation channel from HWY 23 bridge at Dell Creek entrance through the upper narrows to the Mirror Lake State Park boat landing and swimming beach
    • Pontoon used for lake clean-up
  • Contact local politicians regarding issues affecting the lake
    • Obtain $1,000,000 state appropriation to improve recreational boat navigation
    • Support State Law to limit phosphorous fertilizer use on lawns
  • Provide financial assistance for projects of interest
    • Gypsy moth spraying by DNR at Mirror Lake
    • Tree removal from lake
    • Shoreline Restoration
  • Annual meeting
    • Approve budget and tax levy for upcoming year
  • Improve recreational boating
    • Construction of sediment trap and dredging navigational channels
  • Work with local and state government officials on issues that affect the lake
    • Long range planning for Mirror Lake
  • Administer DNR Grants and Programs and provide matching financing
    • Dredging Navigation Channel and Construction of Sediment Trap
    • Restoration of Dredging Spoil site at Turtleville from invasives to natural prairie
    • Construction of Sediment Traps at top of Ravines
    • Lake Management Plan
    • Purchase Aquarius Weed Harvester
    • Clean Boats Clean Waters
    • Healthy Lakes
    • Sediment Delta Removal
  Future activities could include:
  • Understanding and improving the lake’s water quality and its ecosystem
  • Protecting lake habitat
  • Enhancing recreational boating and boater safety

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